Push Your Way to A Great Butt

One of the best butt exercises out there that doesn’t require squatting or deadlifting is the prowler.  Most people refer to the prowler as a ‘sled’.  Whatever you call it- when you start pushing it you will experience an amazing workout for your glutes.

If you don’t like using a barbell to work your lefts- you might just love the prowler.  Pushing the prowler effectively works your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves and will test your cardio boot-camp-monmouth-county-sled-pushendurance at the same time.  At our boot camp gym in Monmouth County, we use the prowler for strength and cardio workouts.  For cardio, the sled will be modestly loaded with weight so we can concentrate on our sprints.  For strength, we pack on the plates, get real low and work those leg and glute muscles to the max.  Either way- you can be sure your legs will feel like jello by the end of the push.

This is definitely an experienced exercise that you need to ease into.  Whenever we have beginners in our boot camp gym we always start them off with very short pushing exercises.  Just a few meters at a time, and then we let them assess their heart rate and breathing.  They can quickly see how just a little push can really get their heart rate up!  Some people think it looks easy and try their first push with a big sprint.  They quickly realize that it was a bad decision.  Rushing into sprinting with the prowler can leave you gasping for air and light-headed.  You have to start off slow, build up your cardio and strength to push the weight and then increase your speed.

We use the sled push often in our IT 360 boot camp workout.  ‘IT’ stands for Interval Training.  This boot camp class in Monmouth County uses stations and circuits of different exercises to mix up cardio and strength training in one workout.  Participants may cycle from bicep curls (strength) to a light sled push (cardio) and then back to another strength exercise such as a kettle bell shoulder presses.  The workouts are varied and different every day to keep things fresh, exciting and challenging.

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We are a cross training and circuit training boot camp in Monmouth County, NJ.  Our two programs, ZONE 360 and IT 360 are exclusive to our gym.  All of our workouts are written by owner and lead personal trainer, Eddie Albert.   He is a 40 year fitness veteran with a body building, personal training and CrossFit background.  Together with his wife Stacey, a Holistic Nutritionist, the gym offers intense workouts and nutrition focused meal plans to help improve health, boost weight loss and improve athletic performance.