Building Strong Legs With the Kettle Bell Front Squat

At our boot camp gym in Monmouth County– we use a combination of strength and cardio exercises to create multi-dimensional workouts that provide max benefit in shorter amounts of time than a typical gym workout.  Mixing up strength with cardio really is a highly efficient way to burn max calories while creating lean muscle tissue.

For leg strength, an exercise we love to practice is the front squat.  Different from the back squat- the front squat isolates the weight in front of the body, as opposed to the weight resting on the back of your shoulders and traps.  While both the front and back squat work the legs efficiently, you’ll get greater isolation of your quads and upper back with a front squat (back squats focus more on hips, glutes and your lower back). 

The front squat can be done with barbells, dumbbells and even kettle bells.  If you don’t have the shoulder mobility or core strength to hold a barbell in the front rack position, holding a kettle bell can be a good way to get comfortable with the movement.  The barbell front squat and traditional kettle bell front squat (which uses two kettle bells- one in each hand) are more advanced and require much greater mobility in the wrists and shoulders.  If you’re just trying out the front squat, we recommend holding a kettle bell in front of your chest or hold dumbbells up by your shoulders.

Ashley demonstrates the kettle bell front squat:


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