Weight Loss Wonder: Boot Camp Battle Ropes Burn Calories and Fat

Expert personal trainer in Monmouth County, Edward Albert, talks about the weight loss effect of boot camp battle ropes at his cross training gym in NJ

best-personal-trainer-njAs a personal trainer and boot camp coach, Edward Albert knows how to create high intensity workouts that blast fat, torch calories and help build lean muscle.  The trifecta of weight loss!  If you’ve been to the IT 360 workouts at Ultimate Fit Zone, you’ve seen participants doing some pretty cool stuff like sled pushing, tire flipping, jumping rope, lifting dumbbells and of course- battle ropes.

These specially made ropes can challenge your cardio routine in a way that no other machine or piece of equipment can.  They can help you build lean muscle tissue, burn calories, met excess fat away, increase your cardio endurance, improve your explosive power and more.  Plus, they are a low-impact aerobic exercise making this a great choice for anyone with impact restrictions on joints.

Participants of the IT 360 boot camp in Monmouth County like the efficiency of the workouts.  Many of the exercises, like the battle ropes, work multiple muscles at once.  Tire flipping, kettle bell swinging and sled pushing, to name a few, engage so many muscles from head to toe.  It’s a nice change up for people who need a break from doing stagnant bicep curls and then moving on to isolate the next muscle.  Plus you can get more done in less time.

Battle ropes can work your legs, shoulders, biceps, abs…all you have to do is adjust your stance and rope movement to target muscles differently.

Text 732-757-7944 for a free IT 360 boot camp workout at Ultimate Fit Zone.  All fitness levels are welcome.

About Ultimate Fit Zone’s Boot Camp in Monmouth County

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