Boot Camp Ball Slams


Carrie performs ball slams at Zone 360 boot camp

Ball slams are an explosive upper body exercise that doubles up to work the lower body as well.  This is an exercise that will give you include increased muscular endurance, power and strength. In addition cardiovascular fitness, metabolic rate, fat burning and flexibility can be increased while reducing stress levels.

In Zone 360 boot camp, women typically use the 14lb Dynamax slam ball while men use the 20lb ball.  Starting with the ball held straight up over the head, keep your core VERY tight.  As you begin to squat down, slam the ball against the ground, catching it in your hands as it bounces up slightly.  Immediately stand up straight, thrusting the ball straight up back over your head to the starting position.

Remember to keep your abs very tight. Use the force from your legs, abs and arms to slam the ball down and then thrust it back up above your head again.   This is an exercise we do often in Zone 360 boot camp.  It provides strength training and metabolic conditioning (cardio) at the same time.

Zone 360 boot camp in Monmouth County, NJ is at Ultimate Fit Zone.  The program is a Cross-Interval training program that combines lifting, cardio conditioning, speed training, agility, balance and coordination drills. The program is scalable to ANY fitness level. In fact, our members range in age from their 20s to their mid 60s.