2019 New Year Weight Loss Challenge in Monmouth County

We are gearing up to start our next weight loss challenge for Monmouth County and we’ve got 1,000 reasons for you to do it!  For the past 6 years, we’ve been transforming the bodies and lives of people all over Monmouth County who take our 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation Challenge.  This is a lifestyle health and wellness program- not a fast fad diet!  We teach you the tools you need to prepare and enjoy healthy and delicious meals in the kitchen while we challenge your physical capabilities in the gym.  Together with sound nutrition counseling, small group personalized training and a team of motivating fitness professionals at your service, participants have shed anywhere from 10-40 lbs over the course of the challenge!

Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is THE destination to make your New Year’s resolutions come true.  Let 2019 be the LAST YEAR you make a resolution to lose weight and get fit.  Because with the help of our 90 Day weight loss challenge, you WILL accomplish your goals.

We are starting 1/2/2019 with your training and diet program.  We need to get everyone weighed in that week or before then.

How it works/program fees

There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee.  In return you will receive weigh-ins, measurements, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and your 90 Day transformation meal plan eBook from our nutritionist.

The group training fee is $130 a month for three months, paid one month at a time (not all upfront).  Your training is unlimited- come as many days a week as you want and work with our trainers on your physical fitness.

What about those 1,000 reasons to do it?

At the end of month one- the person that loses the most ‘pounds’ will receive $100.  At the end of month two, the person that loses the most ‘inches’ will receive $100.  At the end of the 90 days, the person who makes the biggest overall transformation (lifestyle, appearance, fitness, etc) will receive $1,000!

See some before and after weight loss photos of Monmouth County residents who took the challenge!

Questions?  Ready to join?  Fill out the contact form to the right or call or text our nutritionist RIGHT NOW to get started.  Text 732-757-7944 and talk to Stacey about the program.