Why Do We Do Turkish Getups?

After all of today’s Turkish Getups and Kettle bell swings in ZONE 360 boot camp, you probably wouldn’t mind if you didn’t see another kettle bell for a very long time.  Kettle bell exercises can be some of the most challenging cross training exercises, but you’ll also find they are some of the most beneficial for our health and physique.

Why in the world do we do the Turkish Getup exercise  in our cross training boot camp? They are awkward, difficult and take so much time! You may hate them, but in time, you will love all of the benefits they offer.

boot-camp-monmouth-county-turkish-getupThe 4 Major Benefits of Turkish Getups

1.  Bullet proof shoulders: Keeping your arm extended under the static load of the kettle bell is a major workout for the shoulder! TGUs help shape, define and strengthen the front deltoid.  Eddie’s tip: always keep your arm extended directly above your head.  To maintain balance, keep your eyes on the kettle bell during the full movement of the exercise.

2. Unilateral Strength: Most of us have a stronger side and a weaker side.  Often times, our stronger side will end up bearing more of the weight.  This can happen without you even realizing it.  The Turkish Getup works unilaterally- meaning it works to develop strength evenly on both sides of our bodies.

3. Increased Core Strength: Core strength is at the center of nearly everything we do.  From sitting upright with proper posture to keeping our balance during every day life.  We need core strength to perform most of our daily activities.  Core strength also helps prevent our back from undo stress and injury.  TGUs activate the entire core.

4. Whole Body Exercise:  One of the many things you will notice when performing the TGU is that nearly every muscle in your body is activated at one point during the movement.

Turkish Getups are a skill worth learning and perfecting.  Chances are- the more you dread an exercise, the better it is for you!

About ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County

ZONE 360 is a cross training boot camp in Monmouth County.  The program incorporates all elements of fitness including strength, speed, coordination, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination and more.  You will be trained in Olympic lift techniques, Powerlift techniques, kettle bell training, jumping rope, running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics and more.