Benefits of TRX Training

Unlike any other form of training, the TRX Suspension straps are capable of working every muscle in your body, head to toe, in a comprehensive and challenging manner.  Originally developed to train Navy SEALS, TRX training has gone mainstream since being featured on The Biggest Loser, helping contestants melt fat and shed pounds.

The reason is simple: TRX suspension training offers unparalleled functional fitness, core training and calorie burning capabilities.  It torches calories, prepares and trains the body to perform at its highest level in every day activities and sculpts lean muscle.

TRX suspension straps are used by hundreds of thousands of trainers, professional athletes, physical therapists and service members from all branches of the millitary. It is popular with teams in the NFL, NBA,MLB, NHL and NCAA.

TRX Training for All Fitness Levels

The concept of the TRX suspension training is pretty simple for such an advanced training technique: you grasp two straps with your hands (or sometimes your feet) to partially suspend your body and use your own body weight as resistance. The muscle groups you work as well as how hard you work them all depend on the positioning of your body with the straps.  Which means, anyone of ANY fitness level can complete a workout using the TRX straps.

TRX works to strengthen, lengthen and develop your muscles as well as your cardio health.  You get a complete strength and cardio workout.

T 360 – TRX Boot Camp Training

At Ultimate Fit Zone, we have combined our popular Zone 360 Boot Camp workout with various strength training principals using the TRX suspension straps.  The result is a pulse-pounding, intense strength and cardio workout that is versatile enough to challenge the advanced and welcome the newcomers at the same time.  Remember, the intensity of a workout on the TRX straps is up to you.  You can make it more or less challenging based on how you position yourself in relationship to the straps.  During the T 360 workout, our personal trainers will guide you through the movements and show you how to align yourself with your straps to lower or raise the intensity of the workout.

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