Benefits Of The Bear Crawl Exercise

When it comes to body weight training- many of these exercises look much easier than they actually are.  Take, for example, the bear crawl.  This is an excellent body weight training move used by the likes of MMA fighters, wrestlers, fighters, martial artists, cross trainers, etc.

Women's weight lifting glovesAt our Cross Training boot camp in NJ, the core of our program is body weight exercises.  We also use barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettle bells, but when it comes to conditioning- your body is the best machine you can possibly use.

Bear crawls will humble even the most fit person. It can condition your body in so many different ways, making it ideal for any sport you are training for.  After about 20 seconds of bear crawls, you’ll be happy to take a break.  This is not a cardiovascular exercise.  You don’t want to bear crawl for long durations.  This is an exercise to improve your performance, Men's Reebok Workout Glovesflexibility, strength and speed. Nearly every muscle in your body is worked during the crawl.  There is a great emphasis on the shoulders and you’ll also feel the burn in your legs.  But make no mistake about it – plenty of other muscles are working hard!

Bear crawls aren’t an exercise that get much attention – but they are excellent for building strength and toning your entire body.

Below are directions on how to do bear crawls.  We definitely recommend wearing a good pair of workout gloves to protect your palms.

How to do bear crawls

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Begin in push-up position, but with hands and feet wider apart than usual. Keeping the distance between limbs, walk your left hand and right foot forward at the same time. Place them on the ground and then do the same with your right hand and left foot. You need some space for this one, so once you reach the end of the room, turn around and continue on the way back.

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