Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

All of us are looking to do exercises that 1) work more than 1 body part at a time, 2) burn a boatload of calories 3) scorch the living daylights out of our fat 3) boost our endurance. In Zone 360 boot camp, these are the exercises we concentrate on most and one of the absolute best exercises to accomplish all of the above is the kettlebell swing.

Not only does the kettlebell swing do everything mentioned above, it also improves your posture and prevents the development of lower back pain by strengthening your core.

Why we love kettlebell swings:

 Increased power. To properly do a kettlebell swing, you’ll need to do a powerful hip thrust using your glutes and hamstring muscles. In traditional weight lifting, these muscles, along with your lower back, are known as your “power zone” since they’re involved in virtually all forms of lifting, running and jumping movements. Even low reps of kettlebell swings will increase your muscular power by a ton.

Better muscular endurance. Muscular endurance is your ability to generate sub maximal muscular contractions for extended periods of time. Doing moderate to high reps of kettlebell swings will put your muscular endurance through the roof.

Increased aerobic capacity. Moderate to high repetitions of kettlebell swings will give your heart and lungs an incredible workout.

Increased anaerobic capacity. Kettlebells are a perfect match for interval training, and the constant acceleration of your breathing and heart rate during HIIT will no doubt boost your anaerobic capacity.

Full body training. Burpees may be my favorite exercise ever, but kettlebell swings follow close behind due to the crazy amount of muscles the single exercise works. In fact, kettlebell swings work everything from your core, to your shoulders, your quads, your hamstrings, your glutes (a.k.a. butt muscles), and your back. That’s a lot of muscles at once!

Watch the kettlebell swing in action:

About Zone 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County:

Zone 360 Boot Camp is a high interval, multi-dimensional, Cross Training exercise program that concentrates on three primary zones of fitness:

  1. Strength training
  2. Functional movement
  3. Cardiovascular conditioning

Zone 360 utilizes multiple methods of fitness to help you surpass plateaus, reinventing traditional exercise techniques with fresh, dynamic programs.  We draw from a variety of disciplines including weight training, TRX suspension training, body-weight movements, etc, and incorporate them into a vigorous and supremely productive workout. Zone 360 daily challenges are approximately 45 to 50 minutes long and burn anywhere from 450 to 600 calories.


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