Barbells and Babes – De-Bunking the Bulking Myth

There’s no doubt that the emergence of CrossFit gyms in Monmouth County has popularized the use of barbell lifts in workouts.  Where women once shunned barbells, now they are embracing them, thanks to the popular sport and the proliferation of women competitors that have emerged from its ranks.

Lifting weights was once thought of as a ‘bulking’ workout or things that just guys do.  There was always (and still is) a big misconception that lifting barbells or any heavy weights will make women bulky.  Any woman that has tried to ‘bulk up’ and become more muscular will attest to how hard it actually is.  It can take hours in the gym, an enormous amount of effort and heavy lifting and a high cross-training-fitness-classes-monmouth-countyprotein diet to accomplish even the smallest gains.  When CrossFit came around though, it definitely glamorized the idea of women being able to lift barbells and compete in such high intensity workouts.  Women began to see weights as a ‘sport’ and an accomplishment instead of seeing them as something used to become very muscular. And the number of CrossFit gyms in Monmouth County (and all over the country) began to flourish.

The fact is that lifting weights will indeed help your body create long, lean and sexy muscle tissue.  Combined with a high intensity workout and a sensible diet, it will also help torch fat from even the most stubborn areas of your body.  The result is that many women are left looking very feminine and sexy with lean muscle tissue, not bulky arms.

When women say that they have lifted weights before in the past and started to ‘bulk’, we usually explain to them that their bodies may have created lean muscle tissue from lifting, but because they had a poor diet with perhaps too many calories, too many carbs and not enough lean protein, they never lost the fat that was already there.  So lean muscle tissue was created but hidden under a layer of fat, which gave the appearance of a slightly larger body part.  Weights don’t bulk women, cupcakes do.  Let’s all get that straight.

Cross Training Gym in Monmouth County

Ultimate Fit Zone is a Cross Training gym in Monmouth County.  What does that mean?  We utilize many of the same barbell, kettle bell, body weight and cardio exercises that have become popularized by CrossFit in our workouts- but we are not a CrossFit gym.  We offer Cross Training as well as an HIIT circuit boot camp where we take a break from the barbells and focus on cardio exercises such as tire flips, sled pushing, battle ropes, TRX and more.  Members get the benefits of both programs to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in starting at a Cross Training gym in Monmouth County, Ultimate Fit Zone has an excellent beginners program.  We work with you to ensure your comfort and safety with very short, light workouts to start.  We teach you the exercises and help you perfect the form and technique.  As you begin to come more frequently, we gradually increase the duration of your workouts so that you are comfortable and feel in control the entire time.  Slow and steady wins the race.  There is a lot to learn and even more to accomplish.  You will feel so good about yourself and so proud of all you have been able to do and learn.  It truly is a wonderful sport and we are ready to help you break into it.

Our Nutritionist on-staff is available to help ensure you follow a smart diet to get the most out of your training routine with us.

Call or text 732-757-7944 or email for more information.