Agility Training for Kids in Monmouth County

School is almost out but our agility training for kids in Monmouth County runs all summer long.  Our speed and agility program can be tailored to any sport, and it’s also great for non-atheletes as well!  The program helps promote athleticism in children which increases confidence and physical fitness. Agility training may also increase your child’s desire to participate in sports, if he or she does not already.    Your child does NOT have to be an athlete to participate!

Our program consists of 8 classes each month broken down into 2 x 45 minute speed and agility training sessions per week.

Below are the prices for the agility training:

Individual – $125 a month {$15.63 per training session!}

Group of 3 or more – $99 a month per athlete {$12.37 per training session!}

For more information, please give us a call at 908-338-1175 and speak to Melissa.  Drop by Ultimate Fit Zone and check out the facility.  We can also demonstrate to you some of the speed and agility exercises we do as part of the program.