Training Schedule

Four different methods of training, one membership. Now you can keep your workouts fresh and challenging.  Take advantage of Cross Training (Zone 360), TRX (T 350) HIIT (HEAT) and Spin.  Scroll down to read descriptions of each.

Your unlimited monthly membership at our boot camp/cross training gym in Monmouth County also entitles you to one complimentary consultation each month with our Holistic Nutritionist on staff.  Get questions answered about nutrition, weight loss and more.  We have special support for beginners.  For more information about beginner boot camp fitness please give us a call at 732-428-2111.

Cross Training, TRX and HIIT

  • Monday (Zone 360)- 6, 7, 8, 9:30am/ 5, 6, 7pm
  • Tuesday (T 360) 7, 8, 9:30am/ 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm
  • Wednesday (Zone 360)- 6, 7, 8, 9:30am/ 5, 6, 7pm
  • Thursday (T 360) 6, 7, 8, 9:30am/ 4:30, 5:30 – HEAT @ 6:30pm
  • Friday (Zone 360) – 6, 7, 8, 9:30am / 4:30, 5:30pm
  • Saturday (Zone 360) 8, 9 am
  • Sunday: (HEAT) 9am / Open gym 10:30-12pm

Spin Classes

  • Spin: Mon/Wed 6pm, Saturday 9am (1 hour)
  • CycleFit: Monday: Wed 5pm (45 mins) – on hold for winter
  • Pump & Spin: Tuesday 6:30pm, Friday 8am, Sunday 8am (1 hour)
  • XPS 30: Thursday 7am  (1/2 hour)

*Spin classes take place a few doors down at our sister facility, Ultimate Fitness

Program Descriptions:

ZONE 360– Our hallmark Cross Training program.  This is a high intensity cross training boot camp workout that incorporates a variety of training principles including barbell lifts, body weight exercises (squats, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc), kettle bell exercises, running, rowing, jumping rope and more. All levels are welcome.  We have an excellent beginner program to start you off lightly if you are new to training.

T 360 is our unique TRX + Zone 360 Cross Training boot camp. TRX leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Combine these gravity exercises on the TRX straps with the strength and conditioning of our Zone 360 program and you experience an all-encompassing, head to toe workout that strengthens, tightens and tones every muscle in your body.

HEAT– This is our signature HIIT workout created by our trainer, Bonnie Cioppa. HEAT harnesses the power of light weights, high reps and lots of plyometrics to create a workout that sizzles with lots of sweat.  High energy and a lot of fun.  Come ready to work!

Spin: Get your legs ready to work on the bike as you cycle your way through sprints, jumps, hills, and more.  Fun music, motivating coach Bonnie will give you the ride of your life 🙂

Pump & Spin: Break it up a little!  Some cycling on the bike and some arm sculpting dumbbell work will challenge your upper and lower body to an awesome workout.

CycleFit: Our own unique program that combines short bursts of cardio on spin bikes interrupted by 30 – 60 second long pulse-pounding boot camp stations. Stations run the gamut of burpees, tire flipping, sledge hammer pounds, wall balls, ball slams, jump squats, sprints, battle ropes and more.

XPS 30: Short on time? Get your ride on in 30 minutes with high intensity hills, jumps, sprints and more.


 For more information fill out the form below or call/text 732-428-2111.

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Ultimate Fit Zone is a boot camp and cross training facility in Monmouth County – home of the original Zone 360 boot camp in NJ created and directed by fitness expert, Eddie Albert. We also offer T 360, a high intensity TRX training program that incorporates suspension training on the TRX straps, metabolic (cardio) training and strength straining using compound movements. Now your membership can also include spin classes with Bonnie.


We are located in Ocean NJ – a short drive from Red Bank, Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Oakhurst, Asbury and Deal.

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