Amanda’s Weight Loss Success Story

In January of 2015, Amanda walked into Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County for a free trial class.  She weighed 242 pounds.  She had not worked out in quite some time.  Her weight caused her quite a bit of knee and back pain.  Her first workout with us was rough.  Although we scaled it down to meet her beginner level status, carrying all of that extra weight made it really difficult for her to move and perform the exercises.

She really battled her way through that first workout and we have to admit, we did NOT think we would see her back again because it was so difficult for her.  Much to our surprise, she sent us an email the next day saying she was going to join!  Since that day, she has busted her butt to get through the rigorous workouts.  After a few months she also started making small changes to her diet.  Weight started to melt off with all of her hard work.  Then in September of that year she decided to participate in our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

For the next 90 days Amanda continued to work hard in her cross training sessions with us and she followed a meal plan provided to her by our nutritionist. More weight continued to melt off.  Now, it’s one full year since Amanda started working out with us and she has blasted away 55 pounds!  Her knee and back pain has greatly decreased.  She is strong, fit, fierce and very capable of doing all of the exercises we do in our cross training program.  She has simply blown us away with her dedication and her humbleness.

Here is a progression of Amanda’s weight loss journey at our Monmouth County gym.


Winner of our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

On September 21, 2015 we started another 90 Day Transformation Challenge.  The challenge is our popular and successful weight loss program that sees contestants through 90 days of clean eating and intense workout challenges at Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training gym in Monmouth County, NJ.  The challenge wrapped up on December 21 and we are pleased to share the results with you.

Our first place finisher is Brian Woods.  Brian astounded all of us with his dramatic weight loss and change in his physical appearance.  He lost an incredible 34 pounds during the challenge and nearly 20 inches. In his before and after photo- he is wearing the exact same outfit.  Take a look at how short the sleeves were on him when he first weighed in.  After losing all the weight and inches, you can see how relaxed the sleeves are now.  They fit much better and aren’t bunched up on his arms.  Also- he carried the majority of his weight in his gut.  Just look at the difference now.  His waist line is trim- which is so important for his health.  Belly fat is one of the most dangerous fats and Brian is a husband and a father- we want to make sure he stays around as long as possible!

Our upcoming weight loss programs are: Jan 4, 2016- 21 Day Reset ( a cleansing/weight loss challenge), Feb 1 2016- Our 28 Day Fat Buster Challenge Couples Edition! (grab a friend, co-worker or spouse) and then our next 90 Day Transformation Challenge will be in April of 2016.  All programs take place at our Monmouth County gym.



Weight Loss Updates: Checking In With Theresa

It’s been a little more than 90 days since our last 90 day weight loss challenge  (Apr-July 2015 challenge) so I wanted to give you guys an update on where our finalists are now.  First up is Theresa- our first place finisher.  You’ll remember that Theresa lost 24 pounds and more than 21 inches during the weight loss challenge. Checking in with Theresa now that it’s 90 days later you can see that she has kept the weight off and is looking stronger than ever!

weight-loss-challenge-momouth-county-njTheresa continues to monitor her her calories and focus on eating foods that help fuel her athletic performance not only at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County but on the hiking trails all over NJ as well.  Theresa is an avid hiker and likes to go on hiking adventures on the weekends.  During the week you can find her at UFZ 5 days a week!  Total commitment to her health and well-being!

Once plagued by super high blood pressure- she is now free of blood pressure medications and doing better than ever.  Like anyone else on their journey to being fit and healthy she has struggled and encountered obstacles and hard times along the way.  But she made the decision to stand by her commitment, fight through the challenges and be the person her family needs her to be.

I asked Theresa if she could give one piece of advice to those trying to lose weight, what would it be?  Here is what Theresa said:

That piece of advise would be “Determination and UFZ” in a nutshell that’s the key… That’s how it happened for me – woke up one morning and said IMA DO THIS (90 Day Challenge) win or win – can’t lose.  I was certain of that!  As long as I participated it was a win either way. So with Eddie’s tough workouts, Holistic Coach Stac and determination I began an amazing journey that I’m still on today:)

Our weight loss programs work because they are real world plans!  No restricting food groups, no starving, no hunger pains.  We teach you real nutrition- how to choose healthy meals and more importantly- how to prepare them yourself.  Our weight loss programs begin with a holistic approach.  How can we use food to better your health, prevent and possibly treat any conditions you may have?  Good nutrition can help high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and much more.  When we align you with the right nutrition path to health- weight loss will happen as well. Join us.  You’ll have amazing people by your side.  We are here for your success!


Next 90 Day Transformation Challenge Announced!

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher 90 Day Transformation

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher 90 Day Transformation

It’s official!  Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County will hold our next 90 Day Weight Loss and Transformation Challenge on 9/21/15!  Our challenge, which takes place each year, combines our high intensity boot camp training program, meal planning and diet advice from our nutritionist and group support and motivation to help participants make permanent changes to their lifestyles that leads to lasting and successful weight loss.

We just wrapped up our most recent challenge where participants had amazing results!  Our top three finishers lost 24, 28 and 18 pounds!  We give $1,000 to the person we feel has made the most inspiring transformation.  That does’t just include pounds lost.  We look for dedication, changes to diet and lifestyle and of course overall weight and inches lost.

This life-changing program is only available to 10 non-members of Ultimate Fit Zone.  The remaining spots go to our current members.  If you would like to reserve a spot for yourself for September’s challenge, please email for more information.

You can read about our 90 Day weight loss challenge on our website and contact us with any questions you have.

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 90 Day Transformation Challenge

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 90 Day Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge Winner Announced!

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

We are pleased to announce the top three finishers in our July 2015 Transformation/Weight Loss Challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.

After 90 Days of eating good, nutritious foods and working their butts off at boot camp, the top three finishers are:

  1. Theresa Nowell: Lost 24 pounds and 21.25 inches
  2. Danielle Evans: Lost 28.4 pounds and 20.5 inches
  3. Shannon Fary: Lost 18 pounds and 13.25 inches

Our 90 Day Transformation Challenge is really unlike any other weight loss challenge.  Mainly because the duration is much longer and the intent is to create attainable, lasting eating and lifestyle habits that can carry participants forward for the longterm.  There is no starvation or deprivation.  All participants receive customized calorie counts for their meal plan based on their individual BMR and requirements. Our Holistic Nutritionist is in touch weekly with all participants for motivation, encouragement, help with their meal planning and recipe ideas.  Challenge participants received the

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

highest form of group training possible at Ultimate Fit Zone from our renowned personal trainers Eddie Albert and Bonnie Cioppa. The program really is all encompassing to incorporate support, motivation, group training and meal planning.

We are so proud of all of our participants for an incredible effort

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

put forth over 90 days. Our participants now understand that being healthy and fit doesn’t end with a challenge.  It’s a life long journey that will always continue but at least they have team UFZ by their side to help them through any obstacles that come their way.

Our next Transformation weight loss challenge starts October 2015.  For more information please fill out our contact form or send an email to our nutritionist Stacey at info @


Summer Weight Loss Challenge Announced

weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyThe next weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ will lead right up into the 4th of July weekend of the summer!  We had amazing results from our 2014 weight loss challenge, with our winner shedding more than 12 inches from  head to toe!  We are excited to announce our next weight loss challenge will kick off Monday April 6th and will run for 90 days.

This year’s challenge will add even more added value for participants now that Ultimate Fit Zone boasts their own Holistic Nutritionist, Stacey Albert, on staff that will be available for participants around the clock. Plus each participant can schedule a complimentary consultation with Stacey each month during the challenge to help them stay on track.

weight-loss-challenge-njThe weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone is NOT an extreme diet with deprivation and starvation.  We stress a healthy, whole foods meal plan that includes lean protein, fruits, veggies, healthy fat and yes, CARBS.  Participants will lose weight the healthy way while learning how to portion and prepare meals that are healthy and balanced.

Our whole foods meal plan steers away from the traditional Western diet full of processed and refined foods, chemicals, additives, artificial flavor, color, etc.  Stacey will also be helping participants enjoy their meals by providing them with simple, easy to follow recipes that produce meals the whole family will enjoy.  Our program has been tested over and over again, and the results are that IT WORKS!  Our clients LOVE what they are eating, they feel great weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyand they look great.  And THAT is how weight loss and healthy living should be.

If you would like to work with Stacey and the personal trainers at Ultimate Fit Zone to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, please fill out the contact form to the right and we will contact you.  You can find complete information about the weight loss challenge by clicking HERE.


Winner of Weight Loss Transformation Challenge in Monmouth County

Weight-Loss-Challenge-Monmouth-CountyUltimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is pleased to announce the winner of our Weight Loss Transformation Challenge.  This 90 day program helped 12 participants modify their eating habits, learn how to prepare healthy meals, learn how to make healthy food swaps to reduce calories and offered them unlimited boot camp training at Ultimate Fit Zone.

We focused on slow and steady weight loss, the most successful and easiest to sustain, so that our clients could easily continue with the program on their own after the 90 days was up.

We are thrilled to announce that Gina Szulc of Monmouth County is the winner of our transformation challenge.  Gina learned a new approach to nutrition and health, actually INCREASING her meals per day and focusing on protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats.

The program helped Gina to create new healthy recipes so that she would still enjoy her food – just healthier versions.

Gina lost over 15 pounds and more than 12 inches.  Congratulations Gina.

Click here to learn more about our weight loss programs.


New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge | 2015

If you’re planning on getting fit and losing weight as part of your New Year’s Resolution- we have at the perfect weight loss challenge for you!  Our 6 Week Slim Down for 2015 will help you lose 10, 15 or even up to 20 pounds!

Our New Year’s weight loss challenge provides you with 6 weeks of unlimited Cross Training boot camp sessions at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County (that includes our ZONE 360 boot camp, T 360, Plyoga and HEAT fitness programs) as well as our 6 week rapid fat burn diet.

You’ll have unlimited text support from our trainers, a 6 week meal plan to follow, 6 weeks of cross training at UFZ and we’re also giving everyone a 1 month’s supply or raw, organic protein powder to assist in your weight loss.

The New Year 6 Week Slim Down includes:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited training at UFZ (185 value)
  • 6 week rapid fat burn meal plan ($99 value)
  • 1 month supply of Sunwarrior organic, raw protein/weight loss shakes ($44 value)
  • Unlimited text/email support with our trainers for all of your questions (priceless)
  • YOU PAY: $199 (Total value=$328)

Starts Monday, January 5, 2015

****If you would like to start a weight loss program before January 15th, please take a look at some of our other weight loss plans.

More information will be coming soon.  To put your name on the list of participants, use the contact form below.

New Year Weight Loss Challenge | 2015

If you would like to participate in our 6 week New Year Weight Loss Challenge for January 2015, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you shortly. You may also call us at 732-428-2111.


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