Outdoor Boot Camp Fun!

outdoor-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njThe great thing about our Cross Training boot camp is that it can be done anywhere- indoors our outside. When the weather gets warmer in Monmouth County, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on our running skills.   Running improves our cardiovascular endurance, which is necessary in all facets of life- especially in cross training.

Improving our cardio and stamina helps us perform better not only in the gym but in many areas of life. How often do you hear parents saying that their kids run them ragged? Or that people want to lose weight so they can play with their children and grandchildren.

nj-outdoor-bootcampLife takes energy- we need oxygen for energy.  When our heart is pumping strong and healthy, it is able to delivery ample amounts of oxygen to our vital organs which helps them function at maximum capacity.   Cardio training helps to make our hearts stronger so that it can effectively deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to all of our vital organs.

We are looking forward to a great spring and summer full of outdoor boot camp fun here in Monmouth County.

If you’re not a member but would like to experience what our boot camp program is all about, please call or text us at 732-428-2111 and we will set you up with a complimentary training session.

Outdoor Boot Camp Fitness!

The weather is getting warmer in Monmouth County and that means outdoor boot camp fitness fun at UFZ!!!  Our comprehensive boot camp fitness training program combines indoor and outdoor drills to keep every workout fun, fresh and exciting.

There are soooo many benefits to working out outdoors.  First the fresh air in general gives you a sense of renewed energy.  There is nothing like taking in a deep breath of fresh air to burst your energy level.  Second, Mr. Sun.  Provided you are wearing sunscreen, the sun has some amazing health benefits!  The sun helps your body convert Vitamin D.  This helps with developing strong bones, protecting eye health, and boosting your immunity.

Also, changes in factors such as wind and terrain cause your body to work harder.  In general, people just tend to enjoy doing their fitness routine outside.  Join us for our indoor and outdoor boot camp classes at Ultimate Fit Zone.  We are located in Ocean, NJ, a very short distance from Long Branch, Asbury, Eatontown, Tinton Falls, Red Bank and Colts Neck.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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