21 Day Reboot

Have you overdone it with junk food?  Did you indulge in more sweets and alcohol than usual and you really want to get a clean start?  The 21 Day Reboot is perfect for you!

Our 21 Day Reboot helps people get back on track with clean eating, shed some extra pounds, vegan-detox-cleanselose bloat and wash those junk food toxins out of your system.

You can expect to lose anywhere from 8-11 pounds on this plan. This plan eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol for 21 days but the meals/recipes are so good you won’t miss any of them at all!.

In addition to my one-on-one unlimited support via email, text and Facebook, you’ll get a new meal plan each week with simple to follow recipes and tips for three weeks.  We also have a private Facebook group for anyone who wants to chat with others doing the program and share your food photos, comments and concerns.

For those of you that want to add some at-home workouts to your program, we have the option to add-0n our ‘Flash Workouts’ to the program.  We send you two workouts to do each week.  You can do them in as little as 10 minutes with some light dumbbells. If you want more of a workout, all you have to do is double the time.  In addition to that, our trainer Bonnie- the most insane ab instructor in NJ, is filming a 5 minute ab workout that you can do along side her, in your own home.  With the workouts, you can see YouTube videos that demonstrate how to do the exercises, so there is no guess work on your part.

The  next Group Reboot starts January 7th 2019.


  • 21 Day Reboot: $29.95
  • 21 Day Reboot + Workouts: $39.95


  • 21 Day Meal plan with recipes emailed to you
  • Eliminates dairy, sugar, alcohol and gluten
  • Includes fish, veggies, chicken, fruits, healthy carbohydrates, etc
  • Modifications available for allergies, food preferences, vegetarians, vegans, etc
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Text and/or email support also available
  • Simple recipes, healthy foods
  • Satisfying sweets too!

Purchase the 21 Day Plan for $29.95 >>> CLICK HERE

Purchase the 21 Day Plan + Workouts for $39.95 >>>> CLICK HERE


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