Getting Strong With the Turkish Get-up

Is it me or does it seem like the Turkish Get-up exercise is creeping its way into our workouts more often?  While it seems like pure torture, there actually are several reasons why this challenging exercise is included in several of our cross training workouts at Ultimate Fit Zone.

The hallmark of any strength building program is a strong core.  Core strength improves our overall body stability, the root of power for olympic lifting and cross training. From head to toe, the Turkish Get-up is a top player when it comes to improving our balance, coordination and strength.

If you want to increase your shoulder stability, mobility and strength, practice the Turkish Get-up.  If you want to develop your core strength and increase your unilateral leg drive- practice the turkish get up.

Because the Get-up focuses on one side of the body at a time, our minds are forced to focus on unilateral awareness and control, something we miss out on from regular bilateral exercises.

This movement is so multifaceted, with a number of different movements required to complete the exercise.  From laying in a supine position to standing up straight, starting and finishing this movement involves many steps.  That is where the strength, stability and mobility come into play.

What makes this exercise even harder at our cross training gym, is that we are often performing the TGU in the middle of different high intensity exercises that tax our cardiovascular system.  When it’s time to perform the TGU, our heart rate is already elevated and we have to control our heart rate in order to precisely perform this movement with balance and strength.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a HIIT and cross training gym in Monmouth County.  We welcome people of all ages, all fitness levels to our open and welcoming gym. We will teach you and guide you through the steps it takes to learn the exercises we perform as well as assist you in building up the physical and cardiovascular strength needed to participate in HIIT workouts.

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Get Your Cardio and Strength Training in One Boot Camp Workout

The days of going to the gym on separate days for cardio and strength are over.  Our cross training boot camp in Monmouth County efficiently blends your daily dose of intense cardio with a strength training routine to leave you more time to do what you love outside of the gym.

Boot camp workouts are intense, but worth it.  Our beginner program will ease you into this new fitness regimin. Lots of cardio, barbell lifts, kettle bell exercises, body weight exercises such as squats, pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc) running, rowing, jumping rope…we cover it all.  Whatever you don’t know, we will teach you.

Every boot camp workout at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is new and different.  We write all of our own programming, integrating exercises and training methods from numerous styles of fitness including many exercises you may see in CrossFit, TRX, high intensity styles such as P90X and more.

What’s even better is that we have our own nutritionist on staff to help you understand how to get the proper nutrition you need to lose weight, create lean muscle tissue, improve your performance in the gym, have better energy, improve your mood, cleanse your system and more.


Fundamentals of Our Boot Camp

There are many different boot camps in Monmouth County but none like ours. Ultimate Fit Zone at the Jersey Shore offers a true cross training experience covering 5 fundamentals of fitness:

  • cardio/respiratory endurance
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • power
  • speed
  • coordination
  • balance

Combining these fundamentals of fitness throughout our weekly workout routines ensures a thorough and varied workout each and every time.  We seldom do duplicate workouts, with the exception of benchmarking our progress.  This means that each and every day you walk into our Monmouth County gym you’ll be doing a new, fresh workout.  We write our workouts on our own.  We do not rely on other institutions or companies to create programming for us.  Eddie, our founder and director of training has 30 years in the fitness industry starting as a body builder, continuing as a personal trainer and presently an active CrossFit athlete.   His lengthy and diverse background is what makes our programming unique and results oriented.

Our training and weight loss programs have been tremendously successful.  Don’t take our word for it though, read our reviews on Yelp (more Yelp reviews here)  and Google and see what others have to say!

The hallmark of Ultimate Fit Zone is our ZONE 360 cross training program.  We use all of the fundamentals of fitness listed above to give you a high intensity, varied workout.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer T 360- this is a combination of TRX training plus our ZONE 360 program.  The TRX suspension straps add a unique, gravity inspired element to your fitness program that can’t be achieved through barbells, kettle bells, etc.  This is a great opportunity to incorporate TRX into your weekly routine and not many other gyms in Monmouth County offer it.

For those of you that love HIIT, try our HEAT training with Bonnie.  Heat combines high intensity exercises with light weights and high reps and lots of cardio/body weight movements.

All of these programs are include if you are a client of Ultimate Fit Zone. NO contracts required and we have an excellent beginner’s program.  All levels are welcome.  Text Stacey to come try your first training session free.  732 757 7944.

Welcome Coach Jerry Baker

Coach JerryUltimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is pleased to welcome Coach Jerry Baker to our team.  Jerry is a certified Concepet2 rowing instructor, an experienced, long time CrossFit athlete and a marathon runner as well.   Jerry has competed at various CrossFit events throughout Monmouth County and is a current CrossFit athlete.  He also is an avid runner, having just completed the Marine Corps Marathon.

Jerry is knowledgable and experienced in the olympic lifts you will find in many of the workouts at Ultimate Fit Zone.   His knowledge in rowing on the Concept2 rowers will help you become stronger and more efficient at your rowing. His love of CrossFit and cross training in general is an asset to our gym and we know you will enjoy learning technique and form with Coach Jerry.

Early Morning Boot Camp Classes – Monmouth County


Rise and grind at 6am! Early morning boot camp at UFZ in Monmouth County.

Calling all early birds!  Ultimate Fit Zone’s popular ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County will soon be offered at 6am!  Come join us for cross training madness at sunrise with your favorite barbell lifts, dumbbell exercises, kettle bell works, running, rowing, jumping rope, gymnastic moves, plyometrics and MORE.

Our 6am boot camp classes will be kicking off around the second week in September.  We are just finalizing the schedule now.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training fitness facility located in Ocean Township (Monmouth County- next to Oakhurst and nearby Eatontown, Long Branch, Tinton Falls and Deal)

We are owned and operated by husband and wife team, Eddie and Stacey Albert.

Eddie is a renowned personal trainer with more than 25 years experience.  His career started when he became a body builder in the 80s and earned the title of Mr. New Jersey in 92.  Since then he’s helped hundreds of others reach their fitness potential in professional body building, women’s figure, weight loss, strength and more.  Currently Eddie is still personal training.  He is an avid CrossFit athlete and created the ZONE 360 boot camp program based on his love of CrossFit and personal training.  The two combine for a truly unique cross training experience.

Stacey is a lifelong health enthusiast and certified Holistic Nutritionist.  She operates a fitness and nutrition program at Ultimate Fit Zone where members can participate in weight loss challenges, cleanses, nutritional planning and more.  Stacey’s holistic approach focuses on food for health in addition to managing calories, protein, carbs and fat.

If you’re interested in joining team Ultimate Fit Zone for cross training, weight loss or both, please use the contact form over to the right hand side and we will get back to you ASAP!

Transformation Challenge Winner Announced!

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

We are pleased to announce the top three finishers in our July 2015 Transformation/Weight Loss Challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.

After 90 Days of eating good, nutritious foods and working their butts off at boot camp, the top three finishers are:

  1. Theresa Nowell: Lost 24 pounds and 21.25 inches
  2. Danielle Evans: Lost 28.4 pounds and 20.5 inches
  3. Shannon Fary: Lost 18 pounds and 13.25 inches

Our 90 Day Transformation Challenge is really unlike any other weight loss challenge.  Mainly because the duration is much longer and the intent is to create attainable, lasting eating and lifestyle habits that can carry participants forward for the longterm.  There is no starvation or deprivation.  All participants receive customized calorie counts for their meal plan based on their individual BMR and requirements. Our Holistic Nutritionist is in touch weekly with all participants for motivation, encouragement, help with their meal planning and recipe ideas.  Challenge participants received the

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

highest form of group training possible at Ultimate Fit Zone from our renowned personal trainers Eddie Albert and Bonnie Cioppa. The program really is all encompassing to incorporate support, motivation, group training and meal planning.

We are so proud of all of our participants for an incredible effort

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

put forth over 90 days. Our participants now understand that being healthy and fit doesn’t end with a challenge.  It’s a life long journey that will always continue but at least they have team UFZ by their side to help them through any obstacles that come their way.

Our next Transformation weight loss challenge starts October 2015.  For more information please fill out our contact form or send an email to our nutritionist Stacey at info @


Summer Boot Camp at the Jersey Shore

Take advantage of summer boot camp memberships at the Jersey Shore at Ultimate Fit Zone.  No contracts and one low monthly fee of $125 gets you unlimited training with owner and director of boot camp training, Eddie Albert.

Eddie is the creator and director of Monmouth County’s only cross training boot camp, ZONE 360.  As a personal trainer and CrossFit athlete, Eddie puts together a truly unique, constantly varied program that incorporates strength, cardio, speed, agility, plyometrics, endurance training and more.  Hone your skills in barbell lifts, pull-ups, squats, sit ups, running, rowing, jumping rope, rope climbing and more.  The program is all inclusive for ALL fitness levels and can be scaled for anyone’s capabilities by simply lowering weight, reducing speed or making any other modifications that are necessary.

From the novice to the fitness pro, there is a spot for everyone in Eddie’s ZONE 360 boot camp in Monmouth County.

To try a free class give us a call at 732-428-2111.  Stacey will take your call and schedule you for a free training session with Eddie.

Student Boot Camp Memberships For Summer

Monmouth County students home from college can take advantage of our student boot camp membership options.  No contract and just $99 a month with valid student ID gives you unlimited training at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean (corner of Highway 35 South and Deal Road).

Our Cross Training fitness program offers a diverse training schedule with new workouts daily.  Our schedule consists of our popular ZONE 360 Boot Camp, developed by Eddie Albert to be a mix of cross training and constantly varied workouts with a mix of strength, speed, cardio, agility, plyometrics and more.  We also offer T360 two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  T360 is a combination of gravity training on the TRX straps and our ZONE 360 boot camp.

Cardio junkies can take things to the  next level every Thursday night and Sunday morning with HEAT, instructed by Bonnie Cioppa.  A mix of boot camp exercises like burpees, wall balls and squats set to fast paced music and paired with light weight/high repetition strength training.  Wednesday and Saturday Bonnie teaches Plyoga- a fast paced high energy plyometrics class with Yoga poses as active recovery.

For more info about our student memberships, please call or text Stacey at 732-428-2111.

New Morning Boot Camp Classes Added

They say the early bird gets the worm, well, if you come early to one of our Boot Camp training sessions at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, I don’t know if you’ll get a worm – maybe an inch worm though!

We have added two new ZONE 360 boot camp classes to our boot camp class schedule. Starting October 2nd, we will have 7am boot camps on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So we now have 7am training times Monday-Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday are typically the days for our T 360 program (TRX + Boot Camp), but by popular request, we are making the 7am time slot ZONE 360.

Owner and lead personal trainer, Eddie Albert, will be leading the 7am boot camp training sessions.

Here are some photos of our ZONE 360 boot camp in action:

7:30 Evening Boot Camp Added

trx boot camp monmouth countyWe are really happy to announce that we just expanded our boot camp training schedule to now include 7:30pm boot camp training sessions for those of you who work late or just need evening classes.

Eddie will be leading ZONE 360 boot camp at 7:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We are happy to expand upon those days if the demand is there.

ZONE 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert, a leading fitness professional with over 25 years experience.  He is a sought out personal trainer in NJ, an avid CrossFit athlete and former body boot camp monmouth countybuilder.  Eddie combines his experience in body building, personal training and CrossFit to design varied training programs that develop your skills in barbell lifts, kettle bell training, running, rowing, jumping rope, plyometrics, Olympic lifts and more.

This unique fitness program can help you lose weight, burn fat, put on lean muscle and get you in the best shape of your life.  The strength and conditioning components of this cross training boot camp can not be matched.

To join us for a complimentary training session, fill out the form below or call/text 732-428-2111

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