boot-camp-monmouth-countyZone 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County, NJ is a unique training program created to provide participants with an all-encompassing workout that conditions the mind and body across all zones of fitness.  The creator of Zone 360, Edward Albert, is an avid CrossFit athlete and long time fitness professional.  Eddie is a long time personal trainer, former body builder and former Mr. New Jersey title holder.  He is also the owner of Ultimate Fitness Training Center, a 24 hour gym in the same shopping center.  When he’s not personal training or directing boot camp, Eddie gets his own workout in at a friend’s CrossFit box in Ocean.


Zone 360 boot camp combines concepts from traditional strength training and weight lifting programs, with metabolic conditioning and Cross Training.  Each cross training boot camp is unique.  We opened in November of 2012 and we haven’t repeated a work out yet- except for the purposes of benchmarking our progress to see how we have increased our strength and endurance.  Through a series of cardio drills and strength training exercises, Zone 360 boot camp helps you burn fat, torch calories, sculpt lean muscle, improve speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, balance, strength and agility.

Zone 360 is tailored to ALL fitness levels.  In fact, our age range runs from 20s to 60s.  We support, encourage and motivate one another as a team.  Here what our Zone 360 members have to say in their own words.  Click here to read their boot camp testimonials.

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