Family Boot Camp Memberships

We now offer family boot camp memberships at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean (Monmouth County).  When one family member joins at $125 a month (unlimited training), immediate family members (same household) can join for just $99 a month- no contracts.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training facility serving the greater Ocean, Oakhurst, Eatontown, Long Branch and Asbury areas.  We practice and master the art of fitness through various methods of training including barbell work, dumbbell exercises, kettle bell training, body weight movements, gymnastic movements, running, rowing, jumping rope, TRX gravity training and much more.

This constantly varied type of training never gets dull, repetitive or boring.  We are constantly challenging our bodies and our minds in new ways and on new levels.

We are proud to be owned and operated by husband and wife team, Eddie and Stacey Albert. Eddie is a former body builder who held the title of Mr. New Jersey.  He is a personal trainer, an avid CrossFit athlete and also owns Ultimate Fitness a 24 hour gym a few doors down from UFZ.  Eddie has spent a lifetime in the health and fitness industry. He is experienced in working with clients with injuries and can scale any workout to a client’s needs.

Stacey is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for food that tastes good and is good for you.  She creates health and weight loss meal plans for clients that align their fitness goals with delicious meals that benefit the body.


The Women Rule The Barbell in ZONE 360 Boot Camp

It doesn’t happen often, but the other night we ended up with an all-female boot camp training session at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  The women ruled the barbells, tackling push presses and high pulls in between core strength training at the TRX straps.

Concept2 Rowing Class With Jerry Baker

We had a great class on the Concept2 rowers with Certified Concept2 rowing instructor, Jerry Baker.  Jerry taught us about all of the features of the rowing machine, how to set the rower for our individual comfort and how to improve the strength and efficiency of our rowing technique.

Keep an eye out for the next Concept2 rowing class with Jerry at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ!


New Morning Boot Camp Classes Added

They say the early bird gets the worm, well, if you come early to one of our Boot Camp training sessions at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, I don’t know if you’ll get a worm – maybe an inch worm though!

We have added two new ZONE 360 boot camp classes to our boot camp class schedule. Starting October 2nd, we will have 7am boot camps on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So we now have 7am training times Monday-Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday are typically the days for our T 360 program (TRX + Boot Camp), but by popular request, we are making the 7am time slot ZONE 360.

Owner and lead personal trainer, Eddie Albert, will be leading the 7am boot camp training sessions.

Here are some photos of our ZONE 360 boot camp in action:

7:30 Evening Boot Camp Added

trx boot camp monmouth countyWe are really happy to announce that we just expanded our boot camp training schedule to now include 7:30pm boot camp training sessions for those of you who work late or just need evening classes.

Eddie will be leading ZONE 360 boot camp at 7:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We are happy to expand upon those days if the demand is there.

ZONE 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert, a leading fitness professional with over 25 years experience.  He is a sought out personal trainer in NJ, an avid CrossFit athlete and former body boot camp monmouth countybuilder.  Eddie combines his experience in body building, personal training and CrossFit to design varied training programs that develop your skills in barbell lifts, kettle bell training, running, rowing, jumping rope, plyometrics, Olympic lifts and more.

This unique fitness program can help you lose weight, burn fat, put on lean muscle and get you in the best shape of your life.  The strength and conditioning components of this cross training boot camp can not be matched.

To join us for a complimentary training session, fill out the form below or call/text 732-428-2111

Contact Us!

Why Do We Do Turkish Getups?

After all of today’s Turkish Getups and Kettle bell swings in ZONE 360 boot camp, you probably wouldn’t mind if you didn’t see another kettle bell for a very long time.  Kettle bell exercises can be some of the most challenging cross training exercises, but you’ll also find they are some of the most beneficial for our health and physique.

Why in the world do we do the Turkish Getup exercise  in our cross training boot camp? They are awkward, difficult and take so much time! You may hate them, but in time, you will love all of the benefits they offer.

boot-camp-monmouth-county-turkish-getupThe 4 Major Benefits of Turkish Getups

1.  Bullet proof shoulders: Keeping your arm extended under the static load of the kettle bell is a major workout for the shoulder! TGUs help shape, define and strengthen the front deltoid.  Eddie’s tip: always keep your arm extended directly above your head.  To maintain balance, keep your eyes on the kettle bell during the full movement of the exercise.

2. Unilateral Strength: Most of us have a stronger side and a weaker side.  Often times, our stronger side will end up bearing more of the weight.  This can happen without you even realizing it.  The Turkish Getup works unilaterally- meaning it works to develop strength evenly on both sides of our bodies.

3. Increased Core Strength: Core strength is at the center of nearly everything we do.  From sitting upright with proper posture to keeping our balance during every day life.  We need core strength to perform most of our daily activities.  Core strength also helps prevent our back from undo stress and injury.  TGUs activate the entire core.

4. Whole Body Exercise:  One of the many things you will notice when performing the TGU is that nearly every muscle in your body is activated at one point during the movement.

Turkish Getups are a skill worth learning and perfecting.  Chances are- the more you dread an exercise, the better it is for you!

About ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County

ZONE 360 is a cross training boot camp in Monmouth County.  The program incorporates all elements of fitness including strength, speed, coordination, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination and more.  You will be trained in Olympic lift techniques, Powerlift techniques, kettle bell training, jumping rope, running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics and more.

Why We Wall Walk

boot camp fitness monmouth county njYou may just think that Eddie enjoys torturing us by putting wall walks in our cross training boot camp workouts, but there are actually huge benefits to performing this exercise.  Besides the obvious- it looks cool- wall walks help build superior strength in your shoulders, triceps and core muscles.

This is an incredibly difficult exercise that we reserve for our more advanced cross trainers at Ultimate Fit Zone.  Performing this exercise is pretty much how it sounds- you walk up the wall.  You can start in a plank position (or with chest flat on the ground for a more advanced start) with the soles of your feet pressed up agains the wall.  Slowly walk your feet up the wall, while you do so, walk your hands in closer to the wall as well.  The end goal is to end up in a handstand position flush against the wall.  To return to the starting position, slowly walk your hands forward while lowering your feet down the wall.

It’s been a long time since most of us have done handstands.  Wall walks are the perfect exercise to jog your brain on how to do them.

Wall walks are just one of the many unique exercises we do in our cross training boot camp, ZONE 360.  When you join our fitness boot camp in Monmouth County NJ you will be trained across many disciplines of fitness including weight lifting, running, rowing, jumping rope, plyometrics, gymnastics and more.




*Do not try these at home without supervision.  Our cross trainers performed this move after instruction from our personal trainers and were under the supervision of a trainer at the time.

The Best Exercise To Help You Lose Weight; Box Jumps

fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njIt seems as though at least 2x a week, Eddie has us jumping on boxes in his ZONE 360 boot camp workouts.  As much as we may hate them, box jumps are an incredible training technique to torch calories, melt fat, improve endurance and help us develop a stronger, leaner physique.

Box jumps are a common exercise in cross training workouts because they offer so many benefits at one time, some of which we listed above.  The primary muscles worked in jumping are the quadriceps (front part of your thigh), but box jumping also engages your core muscles as well as your arms as you use them to propel yourself up.

Overall, box jumping increases your strength and develops muscle tone.   This exercise is very demanding on the fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-countymetabolic system making it a great for maximizing fat loss. Athletes have a lot to gain from box jumps.  This is a great conditioning tool for any athlete that will improve your vertical jump, speed, explosive power, endurance and coordination.

Box jumping can burn 800 to 1,000 calories an hour (compare that to 200 to 300 calories burned per hour while walking). And since high intensity exercises such as box jumps stimulate changes in mitochondria (where fuel is converted into energy), your body will burn fat before carbohydrates— good news for anyone trying to lose weight.

About ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County

ZONE 360 boot camp is a cross training fitness program developed by fitness expert Eddie Albert.  Eddie is a CrossFit athlete in Monmouth County NJ with more than 25 years in the fitness business.  A former body builder and Mr. New Jersey title holder,  Eddie is a sought out fitness coach for one-on-one personal training and his high intensity boot camp program.

ZONE 360 boot camp is based on Eddie’s passion for traditional strength training and modern CrossFit style cross-training.  He developed a program that can be scaled for any fitness level and one that would bring his love of both sports together.

Will Boot Camp Make Me Bulky?

boot-camp-fitness-njLet’s put to bed that recurring rumor that lifting weights will make women bulky.  Lifting weights does not make you bulky.  Incorporating strength training into your exercise routine, like we do at ZONE 360 Boot Camp in NJ, will help you sculpt lean muscle.  Sexy backs, defined arms, a trimmer waist-line…these are all potential side effects of strength training with weights.

Think about it- if it was so easy to ‘bulk up’, men and women who compete in body building shows wouldn’t have to slave in the gym 24/7 and some even go to the extend of taking steroids.  If putting on muscle was that easy- everyone could be a body builder.  The fact is that putting on large amounts of muscle, the type that could make you look bulky- is difficult and requires incredible effort.

Many women confuse bulking up with developing lean muscle underneath layers of fat.  This is not a bulking effect but rather more like a cupcake effect.  Strength training, developing lean muscle, but failing to eat properly can result in muscle building under fat.  Therefore, as many have stated before us, lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky, eating cupcakes does.

Our ZONE 360 fitness boot camp in Monmouth County is designed to maximize your fat burning potential and tap into your body’s capability to create strong, lean muscle.  When this happens, your body may very well get smaller, not larger.

Women have some awful misconceptions about muscle.  Lean muscle is sexy and turns your body into a calorie burning machine.  Lean muscle does not make you look big.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.   Melting fat away to reveal lean muscle makes you look incredibly svelte.

So forget everything you think you know about weight training and pick up a pair of dumbbells.  Weight training benefits go way beyond your appearance.  Strong muscles help protect your bones and a fit body will give you more energy and ability to perform every day functions at your best.

To participate in a ZONE 360 boot camp training session, please call or text 732-428-2111.  Your first workout is on us!

How to Improve Your Box Jump

fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-countyFrom its name, it probably sounds pretty straight forward.  There’s a box, you jump in it.  Jump down and do it again.  While this is true, there are techniques and tips you can use to help improve your box jump in terms of stamina and explosive power.

Many of us think as the box jump as starting on the ground, in front of the box, jumping up onto it, jumping back down onto the ground and then setting yourself up to jump again.  While this works, this isn’t the most efficient way to approach the jump.

Your explosive power to jump onto the box comes when you are on the ground. You bend your hips and push off the ground.  It takes energy for you to create this power.  When you jump down and ‘stick’ your landing, you have to re-generate power by pushing off the ground again to get yourself back up.  This can burn energy and stamina.

The best way to approach your box jump is to do think of the movement in the reverse. Start on top of the box, jump down, don’t ‘stick’ the landing, just land softly and use that momentum that is already there to propel you back up onto the box.  Your rest should be on the box at the top, not on the ground.  When you stick your landing and rest, you lose the momentum and power that is already there waiting to propel you back up.  Rest at the top, jump down, land softly and use the power to jump back up onto the box.



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