Next 90 Day Transformation Challenge Announced!

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher 90 Day Transformation

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher 90 Day Transformation

It’s official!  Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County will hold our next 90 Day Weight Loss and Transformation Challenge on 9/21/15!  Our challenge, which takes place each year, combines our high intensity boot camp training program, meal planning and diet advice from our nutritionist and group support and motivation to help participants make permanent changes to their lifestyles that leads to lasting and successful weight loss.

We just wrapped up our most recent challenge where participants had amazing results!  Our top three finishers lost 24, 28 and 18 pounds!  We give $1,000 to the person we feel has made the most inspiring transformation.  That does’t just include pounds lost.  We look for dedication, changes to diet and lifestyle and of course overall weight and inches lost.

This life-changing program is only available to 10 non-members of Ultimate Fit Zone.  The remaining spots go to our current members.  If you would like to reserve a spot for yourself for September’s challenge, please email for more information.

You can read about our 90 Day weight loss challenge on our website and contact us with any questions you have.

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 90 Day Transformation Challenge

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 90 Day Transformation Challenge

August 2015 Fat Buster Challenge


Our highly successful 28 day Fat Buster challenge is back for August to help you blast stubborn fat, melt off pounds and inches and sculpt more lean muscle!  This is the perfect opportunity to help you get a jumpstart on your weight loss goals.

The 28 day challenge is great for people with 10-15 pounds to lose OR for someone who has 30 pounds or more to lose and wants to start getting ready for our 90 Day Transformation Challenge that will be starting at the end of September 2015.

What makes our weight loss programs different?  We combine group training (high intensity cross training/boot camp style) with one-on-one nutritional guidance from our Holistic Nutritionist and group motivation and support from our team.  You are in touch with us daily, weekly or even hourly, depending on your needs and the level of support you need.  Our nutritionist works one-on-one with you to help you stick to your meal plan and give you the education you need to make better choices.  This is not a fad diet or deprivation plan.  Our meal plans include real, whole foods from ALL food groups.  Our trainers provide you with the best workouts designed to be scaled to your own fitness level.  We will give you the support and confidence to help you achieve greater physical fitness.

Take a look at some of our success stories from our 28 day and 90 day programs and scroll down for pricing and registration info.


Price:  August special only, our 28 Day Transformation Challenge will be $125 (regularly $199).  This includes unlimited high intensity cross training at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County (Corner of Deal Road and Highway 35 South in Ocean Twp), one-on-one nutritional support with our nutritionist, weigh-ins, measurements, before and after photos and group support and motivation.

Registration: Registration will be closed by 7/30 so you must register NOW!  We need time to meet with you, go over nutrition, email you your meal plan, take your weight, measurements and ‘before’ photo.  To register please text Stacey at 732-757-7944, email us at or simply click THIS LINK and register online.  Once you do Stacey will reach out to you ASAP to get started.

Our programs are proven successful.  You have the power to change your life and become the person you truly want to be.  Make the decision now and we will help you get there. Register now by clicking here.

Transformation Challenge Winner Announced!

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place finisher.

We are pleased to announce the top three finishers in our July 2015 Transformation/Weight Loss Challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.

After 90 Days of eating good, nutritious foods and working their butts off at boot camp, the top three finishers are:

  1. Theresa Nowell: Lost 24 pounds and 21.25 inches
  2. Danielle Evans: Lost 28.4 pounds and 20.5 inches
  3. Shannon Fary: Lost 18 pounds and 13.25 inches

Our 90 Day Transformation Challenge is really unlike any other weight loss challenge.  Mainly because the duration is much longer and the intent is to create attainable, lasting eating and lifestyle habits that can carry participants forward for the longterm.  There is no starvation or deprivation.  All participants receive customized calorie counts for their meal plan based on their individual BMR and requirements. Our Holistic Nutritionist is in touch weekly with all participants for motivation, encouragement, help with their meal planning and recipe ideas.  Challenge participants received the

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

Theresa Nowell, 1st place July 2015 Transformation Challenge.

highest form of group training possible at Ultimate Fit Zone from our renowned personal trainers Eddie Albert and Bonnie Cioppa. The program really is all encompassing to incorporate support, motivation, group training and meal planning.

We are so proud of all of our participants for an incredible effort

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

Danielle Evans, 2nd Place July 2015 Transformation Challenge

put forth over 90 days. Our participants now understand that being healthy and fit doesn’t end with a challenge.  It’s a life long journey that will always continue but at least they have team UFZ by their side to help them through any obstacles that come their way.

Our next Transformation weight loss challenge starts October 2015.  For more information please fill out our contact form or send an email to our nutritionist Stacey at info @


New Stretch & Flow Yoga Class at UFZ in Monmouth County

Every Sunday at 8am join us for Stretch & Flow Yoga at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County. This is a light and gentle class to warm up tight muscles and increase flexibility through a series of stretches and yoga poses.

Stretch & Flow Yoga will help develop increased range of motion and promote circulation throughout the body.  Gentle yoga poses will enhance strength and stability.

A short period of meditation will conclude each session leaving you feeling ready to tackle the day.

This class is a $5 drop in for UFZ members and a $10 drop in for non-members.  For information about attending a class at our Monmouth County facility please call 732-428-2111 or email

Weight Loss Programs From A Holistic Nutritionist

What makes our weight loss programs different here at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, is that we don’t focus on your weight.  The focus of all of our nutritional services is health.  The very first thing we do is analyze your health profile through two different simple assessments.  It’s possible to  lose weight and still be unhealthy.  That’s why we want to examine your specific profile, your family medical history, your current state of health.  Through meal planning and sound nutrition, we can make you healthier and happier.  A natural side effect of this process is that you will shed unwanted extra pounds.

Teaching portion control is a critical element for health and weight loss, but it’s not just about calories and points.  We want your calories to come from whole foods that are nutritionally sound.  We want to show you how to choose foods, why certain foods are healthy for you and what benefits they can offer your health.  We also want you to understand the consequences of choosing foods that are unhealthy for you. It’s with education, planning and our unconditional support that these simple changes lead to lifetime habits of healthy eating.

We don’t believe in fad diets or elimination strategies.  Our meal plans include all food groups and delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

We are happy to have a holistic nutritionist on staff with us 24/7 to help you with all of your health and wellness questions.  Our full time Ultimate Fit Zone members are entitled to 1 complimentary consultation with Stacey each month.

Don’t get hung up on your weight. Instead, talk to us about how we can help you become healthier and happier through fitness training and sound nutritional planning.

Summer Weight Loss Challenge Announced

weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyThe next weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ will lead right up into the 4th of July weekend of the summer!  We had amazing results from our 2014 weight loss challenge, with our winner shedding more than 12 inches from  head to toe!  We are excited to announce our next weight loss challenge will kick off Monday April 6th and will run for 90 days.

This year’s challenge will add even more added value for participants now that Ultimate Fit Zone boasts their own Holistic Nutritionist, Stacey Albert, on staff that will be available for participants around the clock. Plus each participant can schedule a complimentary consultation with Stacey each month during the challenge to help them stay on track.

weight-loss-challenge-njThe weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone is NOT an extreme diet with deprivation and starvation.  We stress a healthy, whole foods meal plan that includes lean protein, fruits, veggies, healthy fat and yes, CARBS.  Participants will lose weight the healthy way while learning how to portion and prepare meals that are healthy and balanced.

Our whole foods meal plan steers away from the traditional Western diet full of processed and refined foods, chemicals, additives, artificial flavor, color, etc.  Stacey will also be helping participants enjoy their meals by providing them with simple, easy to follow recipes that produce meals the whole family will enjoy.  Our program has been tested over and over again, and the results are that IT WORKS!  Our clients LOVE what they are eating, they feel great weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyand they look great.  And THAT is how weight loss and healthy living should be.

If you would like to work with Stacey and the personal trainers at Ultimate Fit Zone to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, please fill out the contact form to the right and we will contact you.  You can find complete information about the weight loss challenge by clicking HERE.


Winner of Weight Loss Transformation Challenge in Monmouth County

Weight-Loss-Challenge-Monmouth-CountyUltimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is pleased to announce the winner of our Weight Loss Transformation Challenge.  This 90 day program helped 12 participants modify their eating habits, learn how to prepare healthy meals, learn how to make healthy food swaps to reduce calories and offered them unlimited boot camp training at Ultimate Fit Zone.

We focused on slow and steady weight loss, the most successful and easiest to sustain, so that our clients could easily continue with the program on their own after the 90 days was up.

We are thrilled to announce that Gina Szulc of Monmouth County is the winner of our transformation challenge.  Gina learned a new approach to nutrition and health, actually INCREASING her meals per day and focusing on protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats.

The program helped Gina to create new healthy recipes so that she would still enjoy her food – just healthier versions.

Gina lost over 15 pounds and more than 12 inches.  Congratulations Gina.

Click here to learn more about our weight loss programs.


The Skinny on Detox Diets

Paleo-detox-cleanseI’m compelled to write more about detox diets and cleanse programs now that the biggest time of the year for weight loss is nearing.  The number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight.  However it is estimated that less than 9% of people will actually achieve their weight loss goals.   It’s kind of surprising when you consider the fact that the weight loss industry spends BILLIONS of dollars marketing diets, pills, gimmicks, procedures, etc.

If you are embarking on a weight loss journey, you may be compelled to participate in a ‘detox cleanse’.  Depending on the type of program you choose, this may do very little for your weight loss efforts and in fact, it can even worsen your situation.

Calorie restricted programs that rely on juices and liquids for the majority of the cleanse can really slow down your metabolism and make it even harder for you to lose weight. Your body is smarter than you realize.  Imagine that the inside of your body is made up of thousands of workers.  They are responsible for the processes in your body like digesting food, storing calories for energy, transporting nutrients and oxygen to your cells, etc.  To do their jobs they need calories for energy.  If you restrict calories to your body, your workers will be hesitant to use them to do their jobs.  They may think to themselves, ‘Maybe we should store these calories instead of using them just in case we don’t get many more.  We can slow down some of our processes so that we utilized less calories.”  This is basically the exact opposite of what you want to happen when you are trying to lose weight.  You want to give your workers the proper nutrition they need, through healthy calories, so they can do their jobs efficiently.  Your body needs all types of calories from carbs, healthy fats and protein, to function at its best.  The way to do this is by embarking on a whole foods cleanse, one that reduces toxins in your body while also speeding up your metabolism and helping to burn extra calories.

Our 14-day Paleo Detox cleanse does just that. It’s unlike most other cleanses where you drink liquids and feel hungry all day. This cleanse removes hormones, steroids and refined foods from your diet while providing your body with the nutrition needed to function at its best.  As a result of eating frequent whole meals as outlined in our plan, your metabolism will speed up and burn calories more efficiently.

Please be wary of extreme cleanses or pills that promise to melt away the pounds.  Weight loss has been and always will be about eating whole foods that provide your body with good nutrition while balancing the amount of calories you take in with the amount of calories you burn.  There is no pill that can do that for you. Just healthy eating and making smart choices.



Want to Lose Weight Fast? Try Wishing For A Unicorn Too

weight-loss-plans-monmouth-countyThis is a strange time of year.  Many of us are excited to ‘gorge’ on Thanksgiving while at the same time, we have anxiety about how much weight we will gain.  A simple solution would be to not eat yourself silly on Thanksgiving, or any day of the year, but in America, our society says different.

Eating is a social activity here in the US and eating is also tied to our emotions.  When we’re happy- we celebrate by ‘treating’ ourselves to sinful foods.  When we’re sad- those same foods comfort us.

Being in the health and fitness industry for so long- we’ve seen far too many fads and gimmicks come across our desks.  Not a day goes by when we don’t learn about the ‘fastest way to lose weight’ or the ‘best little pill to lose weight fast’.  You see, time may go on, and many things change, but one thing that doesn’t change- contrary to what many weight loss companies may try to tell you- is weight loss.

Weight loss will never be a ‘get fit fast’ experience.  You don’t gain weight overnight and you can’t lose it overnight either. We know this will upset many of you.  No matter how smart and educated you are- you still want to believe that there will some day be some magical solution to melt away the  pounds and keep them off forever-while you continue to treat yourself with your favorite foods.

You may as well be wishing for a unicorn.  Because it’s not going to happen.  No pill or fad cleanse that promises you can lose 20 pounds in a week will work.  Your body NEEDS food.  Food is not the enemy.  You are your own enemy.  The choices you make, the portions you eat.  Instead of searching for a pill to make you lose weight fast- just look in the mirror.  The answer to your weight loss is staring right back at you.

When you learn to cook healthier meals, make healthier choices and eat sensible portions, you will lose weight.  You will not starve or feel ‘deprived’ because you can still eat foods that you enjoy.  You just have to do so sensibly and sparingly.

All of the nutrition you need is in the foods that are available to you at your local supermarket.  Lean proteins, veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds.  Everything you need is already there.  And it’s not in pill form.  You can cook these elements together, with delicious seasonings, to make tasty meals that you will actually enjoy!  And by eating healthier and consuming less saturated fat and less refined carbs, you can lose weight too!

Customized Weight Loss Plans

Our weight loss plans begin with a comprehensive online medical assessment that will map out your nutritional deficiencies based on your lifestyle, diet, medical history and family health history.  From there, we will gather information from you as far as what you like to eat and when.  We will use this data set to create a meal plan that is centered around your life, your needs, and YES—your likes!

Stop searching for a magical event.  You, reading this right now, are the magic that needs to happen.

Fill out the form below if you would like more information on losing weight the healthy way!

Contact Us!



New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge | 2015

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