Plyoga is here!

We are thrilled to introduce Plyoga at Ultimate Fit Zone!  Plyoga combines the explosive movements of plyometrics with the lengthening and strengthening poses of Yoga.  Don’t be mistaken though when you here the word ‘yoga’, there won’t be any time to take deep slow breaths, meditate or say your ‘Ohms’.  This fast paced class will have you dripping sweat, panting for air and completely addicted to the adrenaline rush!

The one and only Bonnie Cioppa, our famed HIIT instructor, takes this class to the next level with her intense energy, her passion for fitness and her all around fun attitude.  You will love this class and you will love working with Bonnie to reach your health and wellness goals.  Come try Plyoga free! Fill out the form below or give us a call at 732-428-2111.

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Plyoga is Coming!

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering Plyoga fitness at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean NJ! Ployga is the perfect marriage of plyometrics and yoga– creating one exercise program with soaring health benefits!

Like all of our programs, Plyoga will be scalable for all fitness levels. Yes, even if you’ve never done yoga or plyometrics before, we encourage you to try Plyoga.  This exercise program will increase your strength, speed, power, cardiovascular health while lengthening and strengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility as well.  Make Plyoga a part of your regular cross training here at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  Become more in tune with your mind and body!  Check out Plyoga in action.

Pistol Squats

crossfit-monmouth-countyBillie is performing the pistol squat -one of the hardest exercises to perform! It’s a one legged squat that demands activation of your core and strength from just about every muscle in your lower body including your glutes, hamstrings and calves. Mastering and perfecting this move will give you GREAT legs and a nice butt too!

To perform the move:

Stand holding your arms straight out in front of your body and raise your right leg off the floor. Push your hips back and lower your body as far as you can. Pause, then push your body back to the starting position.

Billie is holding on to suspension straps here. That’s a great way to start practicing the move until you master it. This is a really hard move but the results are well worth the effort.


Speed And Agility Fun!

When it’s too hot to practice sports training outside, the littlest Jersey Shore athletes come to Ultimate Fit Zone for some indoor fun and skill training.  Our Monmouth County speed & agility program is tailored to your group of athletes and customizable to all ages and fitness level.  Our 3,000 square foot facility lined with real turf creates a fun and challenging environment to hone their athletic skills.

This is a great program to supplement ANY sport. The Speed and Agility training at UFZ in Ocean Twp (Monmouth County) can be conducted as an individual session or in groups. Speed & Agility Training Starts at $15 per athlete in groups of 3 or more.



Mastering the Dead Lift!

This week we had quite a few milestones at Ultimate Fit Zone.  Maria mastered the dead lift with a little bit of help from Coach Melissa, and Melissa herself pulled off a 1 rep max dead lift of 195 lbs!

The dead lift is an excellent exercise for women, when done properly, to work the glutes, hams and quads.  The movement is so comprehensive though that it also targets other muscles including your back, abs, obliques, forearms, calves and more. Many women shy away from the dead lift, and rightfully so.  Without the proper training and coaching for form, the dead lift can result in serious injury.  But when done correctly, this is one of our favorite moves at UFZ for sculpting the glutes and legs.

To join our training team, call Coach Melissa for more information.  We have a variety of group training for ALL ages and fitness levels.

Check out Melissa’s 195 lb dead lift video!!

Maria Masters The Dead Lift!

crossfit-women-monmouth-county crossfit-women-ocean-nj

Agility Training for Kids in Monmouth County

School is almost out but our agility training for kids in Monmouth County runs all summer long.  Our speed and agility program can be tailored to any sport, and it’s also great for non-atheletes as well!  The program helps promote athleticism in children which increases confidence and physical fitness. Agility training may also increase your child’s desire to participate in sports, if he or she does not already.    Your child does NOT have to be an athlete to participate!

Our program consists of 8 classes each month broken down into 2 x 45 minute speed and agility training sessions per week.

Below are the prices for the agility training:

Individual – $125 a month {$15.63 per training session!}

Group of 3 or more – $99 a month per athlete {$12.37 per training session!}

For more information, please give us a call at 908-338-1175 and speak to Melissa.  Drop by Ultimate Fit Zone and check out the facility.  We can also demonstrate to you some of the speed and agility exercises we do as part of the program.



King of All Lifts – The Deadlift

The CrossTrain crew at UFZ perfects the deadlift exercise in between a series of sprints

The CrossTrain crew at UFZ perfects the deadlift exercise in between a series of sprints

The deadlift is commonly called the King of All Lifts and that’s because it works an unprecedented amount of muscle groups in your upper and lower body and those in between.  Unfortunately, not many people incorporate this highly beneficial movement into their workout routine.  Most have either never been taught how to perform a deadlift, or they have performed it wrong in the past which resulted in injury.

The deadlift is an important move to master, not only for the sake of building muscle mass, but also for every day function as well.  If you’ve ever tried lifting something heavy off of the ground and hurt your back before, you’ll know how important it is to to strengthen the muscles in your arms, legs, abs and back.  Not only can the deadlift be an impressive tool in your fitness routine, it can also help prepare you for heavy lifting in every day life.

The deadlift works a variety of muscle groups from head to toe including:

  • Spine
  • Forearm
  • Gluteus Maximus (Butt)
  • Quadriceps
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Trap muscles (middle and upper)
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Abs
  • Obliques

Many people feel that the deadlift is a dangerous move that can result in injury.  Truth be told, we feel more injuries could be avoided if people would add the deadlift into their fitness routine.  Using excessive weight and improper form during this exercise can certainly result in injury, same as any other exercise.  That’s why at Ultimate Fit Zone we keep our group training sessions small, so we can give individual attention to everyone.  Mastering the deadlift will not only help you gain strength in your upper and lower body as well as muscle, it will also help you perform every day activities with greater ease.

For more information about group training and boot camp training at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean NJ, call 908-338-1175.

Kids Fitness Program in Monmouth County

kidsfitnessmonmouthcountyCheck out the fun obstacle course set up for the kids fitness program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County!  Various obstacles such as floor ladders, mini trampolines, and sprinting drills help develop a child’s speed, agility, coordination and endurance.  Ultimate Kids Zone takes the basic principals of the facilities popular Zone 360 boot camp for adults, and applies them to younger fitness fans.  Their unique approach teaches Kids Zone participants not only how to perform exercises, but also how to support and encourage one another in a team environment.

Each Zone session presents kids with a challenge to complete.  Kids do not race each other, but rather perform at their own pace, with the support of our Kids Zone coaches and fellow teammates, to complete the challenge to the best of their ability.

To learn more about the kids fitness program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, please visit

Kids Boot Camp Fitness Program Starts March 12

Ultimate Kids Zone, a 5 week kids fitness program in Monmouth County begins March 12th at Ultimate Fit Zone.  The 5 week program encouraged kids ages 9 and up (age range is flexible) to develop speed, endurance, coordination and agility.  Additionally, kids develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Before the kids fitness program begins, each child will meet individually with our Kids Zone coach for an overall fitness assessment.  A few benchmark tests will be performed at that time (sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc) to determine their fitness level.  Parents are encouraged to come to provide additional information for each child.  During the next 4 weeks, Kids Zone participants will work on improving their bench mark scores with a series of drills, exercises and fitness protocols.  For the 5th week, each child will come back to meet one-on-one once again with their coach to re-do the bench mark drills and see where they have improved.

Cost per child is $79 for the 5 week program. Siblings of any child enrolled may join at a reduced rate of $59.

For more information, please visit our kids fitness page.

The Renegade Row

As usual, Bonnie is cranking up the intensity in her popular HEAT class.  Bonnie likes to perform moves that work multiple parts of the body at one time, and the renegade row does just that.  Using a combination of weights and your own body weight, the renegade row is one of the most comprehensive core exercises that also tones and develops muscles of your upper body.

The renegade row forces your body to engage your stomach muscles for stability, sculpting lean and defined abs in the process.

To perform the renegade row:

Place two dumbbells on the ground shoulder width apart.  Go into a plank position, hands on the dumbbells.

Hold your body steady as you lift one dumbbell off the ground, keeping your arm close to your body as your elbow draws back.  Lower that hand and repeat on the other side.



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