Benefits Of The Bear Crawl Exercise

When it comes to body weight training- many of these exercises look much easier than they actually are.  Take, for example, the bear crawl.  This is an excellent body weight training move used by the likes of MMA fighters, wrestlers, fighters, martial artists, cross trainers, etc.

Women's weight lifting glovesAt our Cross Training boot camp in NJ, the core of our program is body weight exercises.  We also use barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettle bells, but when it comes to conditioning- your body is the best machine you can possibly use.

Bear crawls will humble even the most fit person. It can condition your body in so many different ways, making it ideal for any sport you are training for.  After about 20 seconds of bear crawls, you’ll be happy to take a break.  This is not a cardiovascular exercise.  You don’t want to bear crawl for long durations.  This is an exercise to improve your performance, Men's Reebok Workout Glovesflexibility, strength and speed. Nearly every muscle in your body is worked during the crawl.  There is a great emphasis on the shoulders and you’ll also feel the burn in your legs.  But make no mistake about it – plenty of other muscles are working hard!

Bear crawls aren’t an exercise that get much attention – but they are excellent for building strength and toning your entire body.

Below are directions on how to do bear crawls.  We definitely recommend wearing a good pair of workout gloves to protect your palms.

How to do bear crawls

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Begin in push-up position, but with hands and feet wider apart than usual. Keeping the distance between limbs, walk your left hand and right foot forward at the same time. Place them on the ground and then do the same with your right hand and left foot. You need some space for this one, so once you reach the end of the room, turn around and continue on the way back.

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7:30 Evening Boot Camp Added

trx boot camp monmouth countyWe are really happy to announce that we just expanded our boot camp training schedule to now include 7:30pm boot camp training sessions for those of you who work late or just need evening classes.

Eddie will be leading ZONE 360 boot camp at 7:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We are happy to expand upon those days if the demand is there.

ZONE 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert, a leading fitness professional with over 25 years experience.  He is a sought out personal trainer in NJ, an avid CrossFit athlete and former body boot camp monmouth countybuilder.  Eddie combines his experience in body building, personal training and CrossFit to design varied training programs that develop your skills in barbell lifts, kettle bell training, running, rowing, jumping rope, plyometrics, Olympic lifts and more.

This unique fitness program can help you lose weight, burn fat, put on lean muscle and get you in the best shape of your life.  The strength and conditioning components of this cross training boot camp can not be matched.

To join us for a complimentary training session, fill out the form below or call/text 732-428-2111

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Why Do We Do Turkish Getups?

After all of today’s Turkish Getups and Kettle bell swings in ZONE 360 boot camp, you probably wouldn’t mind if you didn’t see another kettle bell for a very long time.  Kettle bell exercises can be some of the most challenging cross training exercises, but you’ll also find they are some of the most beneficial for our health and physique.

Why in the world do we do the Turkish Getup exercise  in our cross training boot camp? They are awkward, difficult and take so much time! You may hate them, but in time, you will love all of the benefits they offer.

boot-camp-monmouth-county-turkish-getupThe 4 Major Benefits of Turkish Getups

1.  Bullet proof shoulders: Keeping your arm extended under the static load of the kettle bell is a major workout for the shoulder! TGUs help shape, define and strengthen the front deltoid.  Eddie’s tip: always keep your arm extended directly above your head.  To maintain balance, keep your eyes on the kettle bell during the full movement of the exercise.

2. Unilateral Strength: Most of us have a stronger side and a weaker side.  Often times, our stronger side will end up bearing more of the weight.  This can happen without you even realizing it.  The Turkish Getup works unilaterally- meaning it works to develop strength evenly on both sides of our bodies.

3. Increased Core Strength: Core strength is at the center of nearly everything we do.  From sitting upright with proper posture to keeping our balance during every day life.  We need core strength to perform most of our daily activities.  Core strength also helps prevent our back from undo stress and injury.  TGUs activate the entire core.

4. Whole Body Exercise:  One of the many things you will notice when performing the TGU is that nearly every muscle in your body is activated at one point during the movement.

Turkish Getups are a skill worth learning and perfecting.  Chances are- the more you dread an exercise, the better it is for you!

About ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County

ZONE 360 is a cross training boot camp in Monmouth County.  The program incorporates all elements of fitness including strength, speed, coordination, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination and more.  You will be trained in Olympic lift techniques, Powerlift techniques, kettle bell training, jumping rope, running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics and more.

Why We Wall Walk

boot camp fitness monmouth county njYou may just think that Eddie enjoys torturing us by putting wall walks in our cross training boot camp workouts, but there are actually huge benefits to performing this exercise.  Besides the obvious- it looks cool- wall walks help build superior strength in your shoulders, triceps and core muscles.

This is an incredibly difficult exercise that we reserve for our more advanced cross trainers at Ultimate Fit Zone.  Performing this exercise is pretty much how it sounds- you walk up the wall.  You can start in a plank position (or with chest flat on the ground for a more advanced start) with the soles of your feet pressed up agains the wall.  Slowly walk your feet up the wall, while you do so, walk your hands in closer to the wall as well.  The end goal is to end up in a handstand position flush against the wall.  To return to the starting position, slowly walk your hands forward while lowering your feet down the wall.

It’s been a long time since most of us have done handstands.  Wall walks are the perfect exercise to jog your brain on how to do them.

Wall walks are just one of the many unique exercises we do in our cross training boot camp, ZONE 360.  When you join our fitness boot camp in Monmouth County NJ you will be trained across many disciplines of fitness including weight lifting, running, rowing, jumping rope, plyometrics, gymnastics and more.




*Do not try these at home without supervision.  Our cross trainers performed this move after instruction from our personal trainers and were under the supervision of a trainer at the time.

The Best Exercise To Help You Lose Weight; Box Jumps

fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njIt seems as though at least 2x a week, Eddie has us jumping on boxes in his ZONE 360 boot camp workouts.  As much as we may hate them, box jumps are an incredible training technique to torch calories, melt fat, improve endurance and help us develop a stronger, leaner physique.

Box jumps are a common exercise in cross training workouts because they offer so many benefits at one time, some of which we listed above.  The primary muscles worked in jumping are the quadriceps (front part of your thigh), but box jumping also engages your core muscles as well as your arms as you use them to propel yourself up.

Overall, box jumping increases your strength and develops muscle tone.   This exercise is very demanding on the fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-countymetabolic system making it a great for maximizing fat loss. Athletes have a lot to gain from box jumps.  This is a great conditioning tool for any athlete that will improve your vertical jump, speed, explosive power, endurance and coordination.

Box jumping can burn 800 to 1,000 calories an hour (compare that to 200 to 300 calories burned per hour while walking). And since high intensity exercises such as box jumps stimulate changes in mitochondria (where fuel is converted into energy), your body will burn fat before carbohydrates— good news for anyone trying to lose weight.

About ZONE 360 Boot Camp in Monmouth County

ZONE 360 boot camp is a cross training fitness program developed by fitness expert Eddie Albert.  Eddie is a CrossFit athlete in Monmouth County NJ with more than 25 years in the fitness business.  A former body builder and Mr. New Jersey title holder,  Eddie is a sought out fitness coach for one-on-one personal training and his high intensity boot camp program.

ZONE 360 boot camp is based on Eddie’s passion for traditional strength training and modern CrossFit style cross-training.  He developed a program that can be scaled for any fitness level and one that would bring his love of both sports together.

TRX Boot Camp Madness

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County we take it to the TRX straps to combine the best of our cross training boot camp exercises with hard core gravity training on the TRX rig.  The result is nothing short of an intense workout that incorporates suspension training, body weight exercises, olympic lifts, plyometrics and other strength training techniques.

TRX is one of the most amazing ways to work the muscle groups in your body like never before.  The combination of the angles coupled with gravity working against you really activates the muscles and engages them in a way you can’t always achieve with regular strength training.  Plus nearly every exercise performed on the TRX straps engages your core- helping you strengthen those vital muscles and trim away at that waist line.

This past Tuesday’s TRX boot camp at our Monmouth County facility incorporated a number of different shoulder and core exercises.  In between sets, we were on the turf for Clean & Jerks, Snatches, wall balls, burpees and high pulls.  It was an intense 45 minute session that had everyone dripping with sweat.

Below are some of the photos/highlights from Tuesday’s session.  If you’ve never tried TRX before, we invite to to experience our T360 complimentary.  Call, text or email for a free training session.  732-428-2111 or

New Summer Weight Loss Package!

We have a great new summer weight loss package at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County. This is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss- and best of all – there are NO commitments!

You have two options:

Package A) 28 day supply of weight loss meal replacement shakes + all natural appetite suppressant = $129

Package B) Same as above but add 28 days of unlimited Boot Camp and HIIT training at Ultimate Fit Zone (a $125 value) – you pay $189 for EVERYTHING

Don’t delay- this offer is only valid through June 15th so contact us now!  Call or text 732-428-2111 or send an email to info @

Outdoor Boot Camp Fun!

outdoor-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njThe great thing about our Cross Training boot camp is that it can be done anywhere- indoors our outside. When the weather gets warmer in Monmouth County, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on our running skills.   Running improves our cardiovascular endurance, which is necessary in all facets of life- especially in cross training.

Improving our cardio and stamina helps us perform better not only in the gym but in many areas of life. How often do you hear parents saying that their kids run them ragged? Or that people want to lose weight so they can play with their children and grandchildren.

nj-outdoor-bootcampLife takes energy- we need oxygen for energy.  When our heart is pumping strong and healthy, it is able to delivery ample amounts of oxygen to our vital organs which helps them function at maximum capacity.   Cardio training helps to make our hearts stronger so that it can effectively deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to all of our vital organs.

We are looking forward to a great spring and summer full of outdoor boot camp fun here in Monmouth County.

If you’re not a member but would like to experience what our boot camp program is all about, please call or text us at 732-428-2111 and we will set you up with a complimentary training session.

Tips to Improve Your Box Jump

Boot Camp Training in Monmouth County – Box Jumps

The box jump is a staple exercise in our cross training boot camp.  In any given week, you’ll find them in a number of our boot camp training sessions.  Box jumps are a great cardiovascular workout, they help increase your explosive power and can improve certain olympic lifts.

Even though the idea of a box jump may sound simple – jumping from the floor to the top of the box, just like any exercise, your form is key in mastering this move.

Below are a few tips for performing this exercise with the proper form.

1) Don’t stand too far from the box- you will end up sacrificing height for distance (i.e. box bite)

2) Keep feet close together, about hip width apart or less

3) Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line- don’t look down. use your eyes, not your head, to confirm your target

4) To gain momentum, dip into a half squat and use your arms to propel you up

5) When it comes to the landing- you don’t want to ‘stick it’. You should try to land as soft as possible

6) Never land in a full squat- that will put pressure on your knees and spine

7) Upon landing- stand up to a full flexion of the hip- that is how to complete the jump

About Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County

We are a true cross training facility featuring 3,ooo sf of truing space, 25 yards of real turf, two rigs from Rogue Fitness, more than a dozen medicine balls from Dynamax, a giant selection of kettle bells ranging from 18 pounds to 70 pounds, barbells for men and women, an enormous stack of plates, boxes, giant tires, a full dumbbell rack, ropes, sledge hammers, rowers, jump ropes, squat and press stands, and plenty, plenty more..

The cornerstone of Ultimate Fit Zone is our original Zone 360 boot camp workout, a unique, Cross Training boot camp system.

How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Whenever anyone starts our 28 day weight loss program, the first thing we do is an assessment of their current eating regimen.  We have them journal 1 full day of meals and snacks to see what their typical habits consist of.  Nearly 100% of the time it’s immediately clear why they are not losing weight or gaining lean muscle – lack of protein.

Every cell in the human body contains protein. It is a major part of the skin, muscles, organs, and glands.  Your body needs protein to keep you healthy, build and repair tissue and make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.  Protein is also the necessary building block of bones, blood, muscles, cartilage and skin.

That alone is reason enough to ensure you are getting enough lean protein in your diet.  But when it comes to losing weight – protein will provide you with many more benefits.

Unlike carbohydrates, protein is harder for your body to break down and digest.  Therefore, after eating a protein based meal, you will feel fuller, longer.  This will curb hunger and cravings by keeping you satiated.

If you’re trying to add on more muscle, protein is your best friend.  After your body breaks down and digests protein, all that is left are amino acids.  Your body will use these amino acids to build new muscle tissue and repair muscle tissue that becomes damaged.  This will also help you recover faster after a strenuous workout.

Protein will also help regulate your blood sugar levels.  Spikes in sugar in your blood causes your body to release insulin which triggers a mechanism for your body to store fat.  When your blood sugar levels are stable, you will have less cravings, be less irritable and have more energy.

A diet rich in protein will help you lose weight and gain lean muscle.  Eating the proper amount is key, as too much protein in your diet can cause health issues.  The average person who doesn’t exercise or participate in a lot of strenuous activity should eat about a 1/2 of gram of protein for every pound that they weight.

Women dieting and exercising to lose weight can increase that to 1 gram of protein for every pound of weight.   Women and men who want to add more lean muscle can eat about 1.5 grams of protein per pound (assuming there is a good exercise program in place with strength and cardio).

If you really want to ‘bulk up’ and put on more protein, about 2 grams of protein per body weight is recommended.  You would have to be following a serious training program in order to utilize all of that protein, otherwise your body could end up excreting it through your skin (acne).

If you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle, inquire about our 28 day weight loss program.  It includes our cross training boot camp, 28 day meal plan and a 28 day supply of our organic, NON GMO meal replacement shake.

**Ultimate Fit Zone is a Cross Training facility in Monmouth County NJ offering boot camp training programs TRX training, Power & Olympic Lifting and High Intensity Interval Training.

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