21 Day Reboot – Thanksgiving to Christmas Weight Loss Challenge

The holidays.  Our hearts love them but our hips hate them.  It seems as though the holidays are a major culprit in diet failure.  Why? One thing I hear from many of my clients is that once the first ‘cheat’ happens over Thanksgiving, they lose control completely and it snowballs right through the holidays and into New Year’s.  It’s almost as though we use the holidays as an excuse to sabotage our diet.  Often, there is no ‘getting right back on track’ after Thanksgiving and maintaining healthy nutrition habits again.  People often say, ‘I’ll just get back on track in January.’  But waiting until January is too long. I know more people could do better in between holidays if they just had some support, accountability and organization to their meal plan, and that’s what I am going to provide with the 21 Day Holiday Reboot.

I want to help people understand and realize that ‘treating’ yourself is perfectly natural and healthy.  Over-doing it, stuffing yourself, and gorging on sweets and fat is just plain mean to do to your body.  Your body suffers a litany of unhealthy, inflammatory responses when you consume sweets, gluten, dairy and alcohol even in moderation. Imagine what happens to your poor body when you gorge for weeks straight.

So- after Thanksgiving when I know many of us will have consumed too many fats, sugars and alcohols, I want to help heal your bodies and make you feel whole and healthy again. The 21 day program will start the Monday after Thanksgiving and end the Sunday before Christmas Eve.

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I will also hold another 21 day Reboot in January to help once again cleanse the system and give you a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction, knowing that you did something good for yourself instead of just over-doing it the same way every year and feeling guilty and self loathing.


  • Starts Monday 12/3
  • Ends Sunday 12/23
  • 21 Day Meal plan with recipes emailed to you
  • Eliminates dairy, sugar, alcohol and gluten
  • Includes fish, veggies, chicken, fruits, healthy carbohydrates, etc
  • Modifications available for allergies, food preferences, etc
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Text and/or email support also available
  • Simple recipes, healthy foods
  • Satisfying sweets too!

Limited time price offer $21 (Regularly $69.95)

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